From 540 to 16k Monthly Listeners in Three Months; Abel Capella’s Success Story

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When he was planning his single, Abel used a company that was into music. “When he used this strategy, things became easy for him as to putting his song on the playlist that dealt with editorials in the musical platform known as Spotify.” Using this, he got more fans and increased the number of those that listened to his songs in just a span of a few months.


Abel’s Story

Able is quite knowledgeable about indie music, but he does not have any knowledge about distributing music online. So he joined a music company. If a plan is to succeed, it has to be based on your music’s quality, idea, and uniqueness. It takes self-education and a structured plan. The root of Abel‘s success was based on this.

Abel loves music, and so does his family. “Since he was a child, his dad used to play an instrument, and he also did menial jobs.” Abel wanted to be just like his dad, but he had something bigger in mind. Abel was always trying to make songs with his guitar. Guitar companies owned by pro players are on the rise now. According to Abel, he said, “Things always happen in life, so he stopped playing music for a while because he was married with children.”

Getting back on track with music

Abel’s idea of going online with songs came to him in the year 2020. and in the year 2021, he released his first album. A close acquaintance of Abel’s recommended a music company to him during this time. The Music Company’s sales team has created software that makes plans for music releases. It was created for musicians like Abel who needed help when it came to songs.

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First pitch memories

Abel didn’t post playlists online. It requires a confirmed page on Spotify made just for the artist. The first-ever pitch he made was for his album. That was what brought him to fame. Previously saved and organic advertisements

Abel’s initial digital sale lacked the ability to be saved or downloaded before the due date. Abel concentrated on building suspense and also alerted his fans to check out his Spotify. Abel promoted his album by using live videos on his Instagram account and stories. He was also fond of applying the alien lens. He answered all the feedback. Eventually, it became a great success! People were intrigued by what they heard.

The release of the album

In the year 2021, Abel’s album was released. All of Abel’s fans and followers that were desperate for his music were all out, and they were so happy. A lot of people put his songs on their social media platforms. People continued sharing the song, and it became a repeated cycle. This eventually changed the algorithm on Spotify and increased the release of Abel’s Music. Be honest and produce good songs.

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Abel’s aim for his music was not to have many listeners or fans. His sole aim was to make sure that his music was from his heart. He asked questions like, “How will the lyrics of my songs help my audience?” Abel also says, “Be simple and do things by yourself and use various music companies.” Let your heart guide your thinking.

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