Fresh and insane: meet the great PROTESTSOUND band

Here’s what one of its rockmen tells.

“PROTESTSOUND plays rock music and is not concerned by mainstream rules. Since 2015, we try to propose one album per year. We decided first to make an artistic work. Making good songs with a good chorus. Of course, the promotion budget was low. We didn’t want to spend money for an approximative album. 3 songs per album were fine and we just recorded that in a basic way. since 2019, songs were better but we didn’t have a real single to defend. With the covid, we had the chance to work harder and in better sound conditions for recording. The result was in January 2021 ” REMIXES”, an EP of 5 titles. One french single “psychosocial” and an English one “only look matters” were promoted as well. They made us growing up. bigger budget, better recording conditions. on April 2021, we proposed ” UNDO”, a mini-album with a great song (SUNSET) thanks to a great feat. So, to finish the work, we’ll propose REDO, the complete album. This strategy pushed us to test songs and we were happy to find an audience.

Also, each time we propose a release, step-by-step versions are bigger. For REDO, the sound will be powerful, the songs will be our best and we’ll have a big promo. For the influences: THE RAMONES, social distortion, NOFX, anti-flag, Alice in the chain, Eminem…. DISCOGRAPHY VIOLENCE ON DEMAND ( 2016 ) / SILICON VALIUM ( 2017 )/ NETFIX ( 2018 ) /ROCKFLUX ( 2019 ). This summer, we’ll promote the single ” only look matters ( summer rock mix), which announces REDO. We hope to entertain people as well.”

–Easier records. Yves gorgon #rock #weareallfreaks

Check it out on Spotify:

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