If you’re a singer and guitarist and want to make music for a band then people don’t expect you to write and arrange and record the bass, drums and other instruments. You might have ideas but you don’t play all those instruments […]in the world of electronic music you don’t have that option; you’re expected to be the composer, the drummer, the bassist, the keys, the mixing engineer, the mastering engineer. A lot of the time you’re expected to be the label owner and marketing manager too. So if you’re making some progress and doing a lot of gigs and you have ideas that you feel will work in your sets then why not hire someone to help you?”

“most the big EDM guys have publically admitted they’re not the sole producers of their music but people still come and see them perform, like they do with the bands and popstars I just mentioned.”

“In a sense, ghost DJing is a loose concept, encompassing the engineering and composition a DJ’s track may have to full-on creation. Any “help” a producer may receive, then, qualifies as ghosting. “Whether it’s an engineer whiz kid who can finish off a good idea, a sound designer who makes incredible synth lines, or a full-fledged ghost producer there are a ton of people involved,” Alex Vickers explained in Magnetic in May 2012. “There’s a huge amount of man hours that go into a professional sounding song, there’s so many facets of production that it’s borderline impossible to be a master of everything. There’s the sound design, melody writing, drum programming, recording vocals, arrangement and any other lose ends. And there’s the mixing and mastering stage, which is just as much an art form as the production itself.”

Three forces seem to keep ghost production going
1) Production being a necessary stepping stone to a DJing career;
2) Demand for big-name DJs puts them on the road for a good deal of the year;
3) Social media’s hyper speed additionally influences the pace of EDM, which, really, translates to a need for producers to pump out the hits at an even greater pace than before.

“Are you a DJ? Do you want to play and release your tracks but you are not quite sure how to work with software? Or maybe you don’t have a professional studio or lack of time? You’ve got to the right place!”

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